Maine Housing Grants Resources

MaineHousing: Maine State Housing Authority

MaineHousing is an authority that works both with private and public housing finances for the benefit of the Maine residents who have low and medium income. With MaineHousing, millions of comfortable houses were already provided.

The ultimate mission of MaineHousing is to help the local residents to obtain as well as maintain safe, decent, and affordable housing and services that suit their specific needs. To make this mission a reality, the company provides leadership, maximize the resources, and promote goodwill and partnerships for sound housing policies. One of the many successful programs of the MaineHousing is the Homeless Program. They use funds to be given to the local residents who face problems concerning homelessness or even just the risk of being homeless. They also have a Home Mortgage program wherein they use the revenues based from the sales of the tax-exempt bonds to help reduce interest rates and other expenses in accordance with purchasing a home by a family or an individual who have low to moderate income. The agency also has a Natural Disaster Home Assistance Program that was clearly established for the assistance of both homeowners and landlords who became involuntary victims of any natural disasters.

353 Water Street
Augusta, Maine 04330

Phone: (800) 452-4668
Phone: (207) 626-4600

Community Housing of Maine

The Community Housing of Maine has a lot of on-going housing projects that are being developed to help as many as native Maine residents to benefit with affordable and comfortable houses. The houses can be financed by all or one of the following: Federal Loan Home Bank, the MaineHousing Supportive Housing Grants, and the Affordable Housing Program Grant. They have one construction located in Ellsworth. The entire project is an eight one- and two-bedroom units built with supportive services. Another important project they have is located in Charles Street, Bangor. It is a mixture of acquisition and rehabilitation of the existing buildings to transform into four one-bedroom apartments with supportive services. The project has been completed more than a year ago. Winthrop Street in Augusta is also one of the locations of the housing projects by the Community Housing of Maine. Like the one in Charles Street, Bangor, it is also an acquisition and rehabilitation of historical buildings into four one-bedroom apartment houses with supportive services. Another historic building towering in Maine Hall, Bangor has also become another successful acquisition and rehabilitation project of this organization. The 1830’s historic dormitory was turned into a nice and cozy twenty eight senior units.

309 Cumberland Avenue Suite 203
Portland, ME 04101

Phone: (207) 879-0347
Fax: (207) 879-0348

Alpha One

Alpha One is known for its slogan, “Powering Independent Living.” True to its belief, the organization has already enabled hundreds, maybe even thousands of people who are in need, especially those with disabilities, to live life to its fullest including having good, affordable and disable-friendly houses.

The main program of the organization that deals with housing grants for people in Maine with disabilities is the Home Retro program. Through this program, a grant is provided through the collaborative agreement between the organization and the Maine State Housing Authority, or better known as MaineHousing. In this program, a maximum of $15,000 will be provided to the deserving local Maine residents to make modifications for their family member/s who is/are disabled. This is a great help for people with disabilities to overcome any barriers for them to function independently at the comfort of their own home. To be granted, interested applicants must own a residence and have a disabled family member with them. They should also meet the required financial eligibility set by the Main State Housing Authority. Normally, it is 80% of the median income. 75% of the funds should be used in health and safety of the disabled person, and 25% will be spent on the total expenses for access in the course of home repair.

127 Main Street
South Portland, ME 04106

Voice: (207) 767-2189
Voice: (800) 640-7200
Fax: (207) 799-8346
TTY: (207) 767-5387
TTY: (866) 906-5375

Alpha One, Bangor Office
11 Bangor Mall Blvd., Unit A
Bangor, ME 04401

Voice: (207) 941-6553
TTY: (877) 229-8954
Fax: (207) 941-6410